The Clearinghouse for International Computing

Bersearch Information Services was founded in 1982 to offer on-line information retrieval from sources such as Dialog Information Services.

In 1985, Bersearch expanded into robotics. We developed the Robi 4.0 Hero Apple Handshake and the Hero 1 Development System 1.1 . Robi 4.0 provides hardware and software for data transfer between an Apple ][ computer and a Heath-Zenith Hero-1 Robot. The development package includes Robi, along with a 6808 cross assembler and macros for the Hero robot language. The user develops robot programs on the Apple ][ and downloads them to Hero for execution.

At this time, Tom Bernard, the owner of Bersearch, became heavily involved in PostScript. Bersearch PostScript Examples 1.01a is one result of this effort. The examples are a collection of PostScript jobs that illustrate the elegance and power of PostScript as a page description and programming language. The examples are clearly commented and were praised by reviewer Bob Woodruff as an excellent educational tool. The examples also reveal some previously undocumented features of PostScript.

The other result of Mr. Bernard's PostScript exploration is RussianH 2.0 . Bernard created a primitive Russian font programmaticly in PostScript (before tools such as Fontographer were available). Though this primitive font was not marketable, he began receiving referrals from Adobe Systems, Inc.

Recognizing the need for a clean Russian font, Bernard contracted with font designer Jane Kramer to design RussianH 1.0 for Macintosh. This was released in November 1991.

In 1992, Bernard went to Moscow, Russia and contracted with Macsimum, Ltd. to localize RussianH. Russian native font designers Dmitry Akindinov and Alex Romanov polished RussianH and extended it to conform to the Apple Cyrillic encoding standard. Bold, Oblique, and Bold-Oblique styles were also forged. Macsimum also localized the User Manual and keyboard control software.

The result, RussianH 2.0 was released in June 1993. RussianH now supports Russian and non-Russian Apple System Software. The user manual is bilingual and the installed keyboard control software appears in either Russian or English, depending on the System Software already installed.

Bersearch also developed five Armenian PostScript fonts under contract with St. Gregory's Armenian School in Sydney, Australia. Bersearch is developing fonts in other languages, but has not announced specific products at this time.

Bersearch Information Services is a sole proprietorship located in Breckenridge, Colorado.