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Email is the best way to obtain free personal technical support from Bersearch Information Services. When available, Tom Bernard, owner of Bersearch Information Services, will be glad to answer questions and provide support by telephone. "Unfortunately, Bersearch does not have the resources to staff the telephone for dedicated technical support five days a week. Most questions received byh email will be answered within 48 hours or less."

We understand that you need timely answers to your questions, and we want your experience with our products to be a productive experience. We will make every effort to fully answer your questions so that you may achieve the most with our products. We, within reason, will answer questions regarding the use of our products with other vendors products. While we reserve the right to direct your question regarding another vendor's product to that vendor, we do not want to put you in the situation of receiving no help while multiple vendors tell you "not my problem." Nor do we want to steal your time by asking you to dial "1 800 WE DONT CARE WE DONT HAVE TO" and to sit on hold for long periods of time waiting for help to be provided "in just a moment."

We hope that we have designed our products and documentation well enough that you will not need support. When you do need support, we encourage you to first review our Technical Support FAQ page for answers. When you do write or call, we ask that you be ready to answer the following questions:



We encourage you to write us at techsupport within the bersearch dot com domain or to call us using one of the phone numbers shown above. If we are unavailable, you will be asked to leave a message.