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RussianH(tm) 2.0 Font for Macintosh $49

RussianH is a bilingual Russian/English font family which includes four separately forged ATM compatible Type-1 PostScript fonts supporting Plain, Bold, Oblique and Bold-Oblique, along with bit mapped fonts for each style in 9 through 24 point sizes. All fonts were forged in Moscow by Russian typographers Dmitry Akindinov and Alex Romanov. The package includes our bilingual keyboard transliteration software, two popular Russian keyboards, and bilingual documentation. The font and keyboard software supports Apple Cyrillic Encoding and Extended Apple Cyrillic Encoding. Stick-on keyboard labels for the Russian alphabet are also included.

Samples, Demo software, Installation and Q&A:


Hardware: Macintosh Plus or later; PostScript printer recommended.
Software: System 6.0.5 and later. System 7.x and MacOS 8 supported; any application that supports fonts.

Disk Space consumed by installation:
PostScript Type-1 Fonts 155 (Kilobytes)
Bit map Fonts 116
AFM Files 244
Keyboard Control SW 46
Total Disk Space Used 561

Note: Most applications do not use AFM Files; installation of these files is optional.

Note: RussianH is compatible with Adobe Type Manager; users of non-PostScript printers may use RussianH and ATM to obtain quality results on their printers. ATM is also suggested for improved on-screen performance at non-standard sizes.