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Bersearch PostScript Examples is a collection of short PostScript jobs designed to illustrate the power and elegance of PostScript. The richly commented files are a valuable educational tool for PostScript programmers. The examples were highly praised by Bill Woodruff in MacTech Quarterly and portions are published in Steve Roth's "Real World PostScript" including previously undocumented work with PostScript half toning.

"Bersearch PostScript Examples 1.01" retails for $40.00.

To see a list of the files included with Bersearch PostScript Examples, please click here.

To download a demo version of Bersearch PostScript Examples, please click here.

Hardware required:

Macintosh or IBM; the Examples are delivered in text format on 800K Macintosh disks unless Macintosh 1.4M or IBM format is requested. A PostScript device is required.

Software required:

The examples include a Macintosh PostScript download utility; a text editor or LaserTalk is recommended. IBM users will also need a PostScript download utility.

Disk Space Consumed:

The examples may optionally be copied to the hard disk; they consume 730 kilobytes.