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The mailto collection makes privacy convenient, using AppleScript to combine the power of Aladdin's DropStuff(tm), Phil Zimmermann's MacPGP public key encryption software and one of several email client applications.

If you would like to privately email several files to vitamfloyd (at), simply drag them to one of these droplets. The droplet will stuff the files, encrypt the '.sit' file and instruct your email client software to create new mail with the encrypted file attached.

AppleScript droplets have been written for America Online 2.7, Claris Emailer 1.1v2 and Eudora Light 1.5.4. Droplets may be written for any email client software that supports AppleScript.

The destination address and public key are specified at the beginning of the droplet script:

set the_name to "Vitamin Floyd"
set the_address to "vitamfloyd (at)"
set public_key to "Vitamin Floyd <VitamFloyd (at)>"

Simply duplicate the script and edit for each recipient to whom you expect to send encrypted mail. Then drop files on the droplets to send them safely on their way.

'AOL mailto vitamfloyd (at)'
'Emailer mailto vitamfloyd (at)'
'Eudora mailto vitamfloyd (at)'

Note: any non-commercial mail is welcomed by Vitamin Floyd; unsolicited commercial mail is unwelcome.

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