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The following robotics product is offered on a limited support basis: quantities are limited and no new development is planned for this product.

Robi Hero Apple Handshake

Robi Hero Apple Handshake offers a complete interface between the Heath Zenith Hero 1 Robot and Apple ][ computers. Software is included for transferring files between the robot and computer. Files may also be stored to disk. The software is provided in DOS 3.3. format, with source code included for those who customize.

The hardware includes 4 8-bit ports. Two ports connect to the two parallel ports on Hero's experimental board; the two remaining ports offer expansion possibilities. Robi has been used to directly control Hero's arm motors from the Apple ][. Robi has also been directly connected to Hero's speech synthesis board for Apple ][ speech synthesis.

Robi will communicate with any device that accepts TTL I/O.