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The following robotics product is offered on a limited support basis: quantities are limited and no new development is planned for this product.

Hero 1 Macros with SC Software 6800 Cross Assembler $100

Now it is easy to program the Heath Zenith Hero-1 Robot. Bersearch Information Services has developed a software package for programming Hero with an Apple ][ computer. The package allows the user to program with easily remembered mnemonics and base-10 numeric values in a BASIC format. The Robi Hero Apple Handshake is used to transfer the user's program from the Apple ][ to Hero.

For example, the line


instructs Hero to open his gripper 60 units at fast speed. Note that motor values and positions are expressed in base-10.

As in BASIC, line numbers are used when entering lines; by numbering in increments of 10, room is left for later insertion. The cross assembler includes auto line numbering to make programming even easier.

Mistakes are corrected by entering the correct line with the same line number. Or use the cross assembler's powerful and easy to use line editor.

The programmer uses labels to designate branch points and data storage. Actual addresses are calculated during assembly. Memory is used more efficiently and the programmer programs instead of getting tied up with base-16.

After the program is assembled, it is saved to disk or transferred to Hero for testing. Transfer to Hero is simple with the Robi Hero Apple Handshake. The programmer types "USR" at the Apple, "C" at Hero's keypad followed by "2" at the Apple. Hero says "Ready" and the program is ready for testing.

The Hero Macros come with 30 pages of documentation. Maximum motor positions (in base 10 and in base-16) are given with each command's exact syntax. Ready to go sample programs are included to illustrate programming techniques. The S-C Software 6800 Cross Assembler
and Robi Hero Apple Handshake are also well documented.