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September 30, 1996

Contact: Tom Bernard, Bersearch Information Services

For Immediate Release

Bersearch Announces Internet Support

(Evergreen, Colorado, USA) Bersearch Information Services announced today its web page presence on the internet at Billing its pages as "The Clearinghouse for International Computing", Bersearch provides support and demonstrations for its products as well as a directory of suppliers for typefaces and learning aids for non-Roman languages. While the directory currently lists thirteen languages, Bersearch plans to expand the directory to include all languages.

"We have had calls for every language on the planet," said Tom Bernard, President of Bersearch. "We want people to think of Bersearch Information Services as the starting point for their international computing needs. Our customers range from students to people with worldwide business and diplomatic needs."

Bernard says that the biggest challenge to world wide communication is not implementing technology but rather meeting the basic needs of humans worldwide. "It is meaningless to talk about internet access for every human until every human is free from the threat of starvation and has the means to raise his or her children with dignity and security. Communications advances and the internet empower those who are working toward these goals."

Along with the directory of suppliers, the Bersearch pages include product descriptions and demonstration software for RussianH(TM) Cyrillic Font for Macintosh, UniSpell(TM) Russian Spell Checker, Dialect(TM) Russian Sort Utility and Bersearch PostScript Examples. Bersearch Robotics products are also described.

A product support area allows users to find answers to frequently asked questions. Users may submit email to Bersearch Technical Support for resolution of problems. Usenet and mailing-list support for discussions is planned.

Bersearch Information Services, founded in 1982, is a sole proprietorship located in Evergreen, Colorado in the United States of America.

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