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Download LargeImageViewer 1.0

Large Image Viewer opens very large images. The keys '+' and '-' perform magnification and reduction. The keys Option-'+', Option -'-', Control-'+' and Control-'-' provide further magnification and reduction ability. The arrow keys translate the image. Option and Control aid the arrow keys with translation. The user may also drag the image with the mouse (drag and drop is not yet supported).

Large Image viewer will open very large images, such as the Hubble Space Telescope Largest Galaxy Portrait of the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101. The largest TIFF file of this image (15852 x 12392, 442 MB) is available at

Large Image Viewer will need a few minutes to open this file, depending on your Macintosh's speed and available memory.

Please report all bugs and feedback to us at

largeimageviewer at

Large Image Viewer 1.0

Copyright 2006 - 2009 Bersearch Information Services

Large Image Viewer is open source Freeware.

Tom Bernard

Human Interface Design:
Tom Bernard

Tom Bernard, Chris Newman

With special thanks to:
David Duncan, Apple DTS, Rocco Bowling, Jonathan Saggau, Matt Brook and the sunbathing aliens

Additional Credits:

Thanks go to NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope team for the M101 images. The icon for Large Image Viewer is derived from these images. These images are in the public domain under Contract NAS5-26555. Please see for more information.

The Hubble Space Telescope was built by Perkin-Elmer and Lockheed, working under the direction of the Marshall Space Flight Center. See Hubble Space Telescope - Wikipedia for more information. Thousands around the country contributed to the construction and operation of the Space Shuttle program. And, last but not least, thanks go to the astronauts who left the comfort and safety of home and family to go to space to launch and service Hubble, so that mankind may enjoy these images and the science that we learn from Hubble. Those astronauts are:

• April 1990, STS-31, Space Shuttle Discovery, Hubble launch

Commander, Loren J. Shriver, Pilot, Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Mission Specialist 1, Steven A. Hawley, Mission Specialist 2, Bruce McCandless II, Mission Specialist 3, Kathryn D. Sullivan

STS-31 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• December 1993, STS-61, Space Shuttle Endeavour, SM 1

Commander: Richard O. Covey, Pilot: Kenneth D. Bowersox, Payload Commander: F. Story Musgrave, Mission Specialist 1: Kathryn C. Thornton, Mission Specialist 2: Claude Nicollier , Mission Specialist 3: Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Mission Specialist 5: Thomas D. Akers.

STS-61 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• February 1997, STS-82, Space Shuttle Discovery, SM 2

Commander: Kenneth D. Bowersox, Pilot: Scott J. Horowitz, Mission Specialist 1: Joseph R. Tanner , Mission Specialist 2: Steven A. Hawley, Mission Specialist 3: Gregory J. Harbaugh, Mission Specialist 4: Mark C. Lee, Mission Specialist 5: Steven L. Smith.

STS-82 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• December 1999, STS-103, Space Shuttle Discovery, SM 3A

Commander, Curtis L. Brown, Pilot , Scott J. Kelly, Mission Specialist 1, Steven L. Smith, Mission Specialist 2, Jean-François Clervoy, Mission Specialist 3, John M. Grunsfeld, Mission Specialist 4, C. Michael Foale, Mission Specialist 5, Claude Nicollier

STS-103 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• March 2002, STS-109, Space Shuttle Columbia, SM 3B

Commander, Scott D. Altman, Pilot, Duane G. Carey, Payload Commander, Mission Specialist 1, John M. Grunsfeld, Mission Specialist 2, Nancy J. Currie, Mission Specialist 3, Richard M. Linnehan, Mission Specialist 4, James H. Newman, Mission Specialist 5, Michael J. Massimino,

STS-109 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• May 2009, STS-125, Space Shuttle Atlantis, SM 4

Commander, Scott D. Altman, Pilot, Gregory C. Johnson, Mission Specialist 1, Michael T. Good, Mission Specialist 2, K. Megan McArthur, Mission Specialist 3, John M. Grunsfeld, Mission Specialist 4, Michael J. Massimino, Mission Specialist 5, Andrew J. Feustel

STS-125 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

• May 2009, STS-400, Space Shuttle Endeavour, SM4 Rescue Mission (if needed)

Commander, Christopher Ferguson, Pilot, Eric A. Boe, Mission Specialist 1, Robert S. Kimbrough, Mission Specialist 2, Stephen G. Bowen
(after successful repairs to Hubble, Atlantis landed without incident; STS-400 was not needed.)

STS-400 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Large Image Viewer History

October 2006

Began work on Large Image Viewer 1.0d1

November 19, 2006

Released Large Image Viewer 1.0d1 to the Big Nerd Ranch OpenGL mailing list. Tiling of large images is supported.

December 8, 2006

Released 1.0d2 to the Big Nerd Ranch OpenGL mailing list. Scaling and translation support added.

April 2, 2007

Released Large Image Viewer 1.0d3 to the Big Nerd Ranch OpenGL mailing list. Fixed bug that caused images with 16-bit color to open improperly. Added M101 application icon.

August 15, 2007

Fixed bug that caused black and white pictures to open improperly. Added visibility testing to -drawRect:, gaining translation and magnification improvement at higher magnifications.

June 5, 2008

Released Large Image Viewer 1.0d4. Tile "blackout blues" under Leopard improved, but not fixed. Tile paradigm under review after discussion with David Duncan, Apple DTS.

September 23, 2008

Fixed bug that showed when an image dimension was an even multiple of the maximum texture size, causing the last row or column to not be drawn. Established zooming limits to avoid "blackout blues" with very large images.

July 12, 2009

Public release of Large Image Viewer 1.0