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Version 1.0.2

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Tom Bernard

Human Interface Design:
Tom Bernard

Tom Bernard

With special thanks to:
Aaron Hillegass and Rocco Bowling of Big Nerd Ranch, and also to Brian Nenninger of Dozing Cat Software.

Aaron runs Big Nerd Ranch,

and is the author of "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X", Addison Wesley, Boston, Massachusetts, 2004. Aaron teaches a Mac OS X Cocoa programming course at the ranch. Rocco teaches the OpenGL Bootcamp course at Big Nerd Ranch. ImageFunGL is one result of knowledge gained from Aaron and Rocco. I highly recommend, Aaron's book and Rocco's course.

Aaron's book is a well written concise treatment of programming Cocoa for the Mac OS X platform. An easy read for such a complex subject. Likewise, Rocco is an excellent teacher who has a solid mastery of OpenGL. To say that the course is rich is an understatement.

I have attended the OpenGL Bootcamp, but have not attended Aaron's course. I have heard from reliable sources that Aaron's teaching skills match his writing skills. I highly recommend the Big Nerd Ranch and its products.

Also, thanks are due to Brian Nenninger of Dozing Cat Software,

for graciously providing the Assimilator screen saver as open source software. The camera animation of ImageFunGL has been lifted from Brian's Assimilator source code. Again, thank you Brian.

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