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version 1.0

by Tom Bernard


The screen saver "Circles" randomly spawns various objects on the screen. These objects age for a while and leave. Objects include Circles, Jelloballs, Rectangles, Polygons, Meshed Polygons, Twirlers and Rainbow Twirlers. The user may configure object behavior along with spawn rate and screensaver behavior. Benchmarking tools aid the user in fine-tuning for various screen and computer capabilities.

Minimum System Requirements

MacOS X (10.1)
300 MHz G3 hardware
(Performance is acceptable but slow.)

Preferred System Requirements

MacOS X Jaguar (10.2)
1 GHz or better hardware
The latest video card and graphics accelerator



Copy or move Circles.saver to your "Screen Savers" folder within the "Library" folder of your Home folder. Then choose "System Preferences" from the Apple Menu. Click the "Screen Saver" button within the "Personal" pane of "System Preferences". Scroll the "Screen Savers" list and select "Circles".

Jaguar Note: Click the "Screen Effects" button within the "Personal" pane of "System Preferences".


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Circles is Freeware. You may keep and enjoy Circles free of charge. You may also log on to and make PayPal payments to CirclesPayments (at) for any amount that reflects how Circles has enriched your life.


Circles is copyrighted software. License is granted to distribute Circles, provided that it is distributed without remuneration in original form with this documentation. Circles may be included with its documentation in a CD-ROM collection, DVD-ROM collection, or a web page or similar collection provided that remuneration for the collection is only to cover reproduction and distribution costs.

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Copyright © 2002 Bersearch Information Services
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Design and programming: Tom Bernard
Valuable suggestions: Chris Newman
Testing: Chris Newman

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